No shortage of eggs ; won’t allow price hike – Minister

Minister of Trade Nalin Fernando says that immediate legal action will be taken against the individuals who are hoarding egg stocks.

The minister pointed out that there is no shortage of eggs in the country, but some people are trying to portray that there is a shortage of eggs.
In the last few days, the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) had conducted raids in search of traders who were selling eggs at rates higher than the controlled price. In contrast, steps were taken to produce several traders who sold eggs at higher prices before courts and were also fined.

However, Ada Derana correspondents reported that eggs are not being sold within several parts of the island.

Meanwhile, the President of the All Ceylon Egg Producers’ Association, Sarath Ratnayake mentioned that it is problematic to sell eggs at the government’s controlled prices in view of the current market situation.

Further, he emphasized that if the price of Rs. 55 is given per egg, the shortage of eggs in the market can be avoided.

When inquired by “Ada Derana” in this regard, Minister of Trade, Nalin Fernando expressed that the government will not grant permission to raise the price of eggs.


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