Names of 60 local IS members on Saharan’s lap?

The police has uncovered the names of the local representatives involved in the IS terror group and eight others who had maintained ties with the IS network.

These names were discovered by checking the computer which was found at Saharan’s Blackpool traiacning centre in Nuwara Eliya.

The police believe that the list of names on the computer could be the list of IS members in the IS local network.

Based on the information on the computer, the police had arrested another suspect from Badulla yesterday.

On May 4th a person from Bibila was arrested and his name too is on the list found on the computer.

The arrested person is Kasim Mohommed Mohommed Uvaise, a resident of Kaththankudy and had been operating a shop in the Bibila area.

At the time of arrest he was in possession of 29 leaflets with the IS leader’s image on it.

The suspect arrested yesterday is a resident of Kaththankudy named Mohommed Hanifa Mohommed Rizwan.

According to the police the suspect had been running a jewellery shop in the Bibila area.

It is said that both these suspects had received resident training at the training centre in Kuppikulam area in Hambantota run by Saharan Hashim.

Upon interrogation, the suspects had revealed that around 60 persons could be trained at that facility at a time and there were around 35-40 others being trained together with them at the training camp.

They had revealed that four others had come with Saharan to conduct lectures for them and one of them was a Maulavi.