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A lot of secret information retrieved from Saharan's computer

The police have been able to uncover all the information related to Saharan and terrorism activities of him from a laptop found at their Blackpool training center in Nuwara Eliya recently. According to the information uncovered, Saharan’s terrorist network has really been a part of the IS, the State Intelligence Service has confirmed.
Syrian-based IS organization’s Sri Lankan representatives and those who have links with the IS have been identified.

Before the computer was discovered, a youth who had been involved in the terror network was arrested in Bibile.

After being taken into custody by the State Intelligence Service, his mobile phone had been inspected and revealed that he had links with the IS terrorist network. In the computer that was discovered in Nuwara Eliya, has a list of names of suspects who have links with IS and the youth arrested in Bibile is one among them.