Chief Minister plans trip to observe lights in Vietnam!

The Uva Chief Minister Sampath Dassanayake and a group of around 40 provincial councillors, chairmen of local government bodies, Mayors and state officials are planning an overseas trip to Vietnam claiming to be travelling there to study a lighting project.

This group is planning on engaging in the five day tour from May 13th. A private company named AAI is said to have organised the lighting project for this group and this trip has been planned to observe this lighting project.

This tour is said to be sponsored by this company, but the Chief Minister is said to be trying to obtain the money for it from the Provincial Council.

It is reported that Chief Minister Dassanayake had told the President that all expenses of this tour would be borne by the said company and he had obtained leave for the trip on the same grounds.

The Chief Minister had approved the leave for the others in the group as well.

The Chief Minister had also applied for the $ 40 per day allowance and the $ 380 per day entertainment allowance. Accordingly at the rate of $ 420 per day for the group $ 2100 has been requested for the five days.

However, the 40 persons participating in this tour is said to have requested for Rs. 15 million for the trip.

This amount had not been approved by the Provincial Council, but leaving aside the other 39, the Chief Minister is said to have obtained Treasury approval for him to obtain this allowance.

It is said that he had obtained this approval illegally.