"I Have Every Right To Question Buddhist Monks As I Am A Keen Student Of Buddhism:' Ranjan Responds

UNP Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake yesterday scoffed at claims by certain Buddhist monks that he could not talk about the conduct of the Bikkhu community.
Addressing a press conference at his residence yesterday, Ramanayake said he had a right to talk about Buddhism as he is a keen student of Buddhist philosophy.

"No one can stop me from talking about Buddhism. Such attempts are unjust and unfair. I too am a follower of Buddhism and I have a right to question the conduct of Buddhist monks,: he said.
Ramanayake also stated that his conduct had aways been transparent, and his sole avenue of income was the film industry.

Ramanayake came under criticism from some Buddhist organisations for his remarks on Buddhist monks collecting money to pay the fine imposed on former Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga and former TRC Director General Anusha Palpita.
They said Ramanayake had no right to talk about the matter as he did not belong to the Buddhist community.

The Deputy Minister, a film actor by profession, was born to a Roman Catholic family in Negombo.