Mahela Hits At SLC Again; Questions Ban On Chamara Silva: "How Does The Guy Walking Away From Fixing Get Two Years?"

Former Sri Lankan skipper Mahela jayawardena questioned the two year ban imposed on Sri Lankan cricketer Chamara Silva by the Sri Lanka Cricket.
"How is this fair.. the guy walks away from fixing gets two years. Ones who are involved gets one year?" Jayawardena questioned in a tweet.

"Coaches who was involved should be banned for life. Also if any official from the club who instigated this should also be banned for life. We should set an example" Jayawardena also added.

SLC has slapped the player with a two-year ban from all "cricket-related activities" for his supposed role in a club match that had unusual scoring rates.

The ruling came after a seven-month inquiry conducted by the SLC.

 "Silva is the captain-cum-coach [of Panadura], so he's responsible. For any team the captain is responsible. Whether he made the decision or not - we don't know that part. But according to the ICC rules - even for slow over-rates - the captain is responsible," SLC Vice President K. Mathivanan had told Cricinfo on Saturday, explaining reasons for the ban.