Cabinet nod to slash embarkation tax on ferry services between Sri Lanka and India

A proposal to reduce the embarkation tax currently charged from passengers leaving Sri Lanka by passenger vessels and passenger ships has been approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

As per the relevant proposal submitted by the Minister of Ports, Shipping and Aviation, the embarkation tax imposed on those travelling by passenger vessels is set to reduce be reduced to USD 5, while the fee for those travelling aboard passenger ships is set to be reduced to USD 20.
The Cabinet also approved to grant free baggage allowance up to 60 kg for passengers traveling by passenger vessels. 

The proposal was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers in a bid to introduce a low-cost travel and transportation fee system between India and Sri Lanka, upon recognizing that the promotion of maritime passenger transport between the countries could potentially boost Sri Lanka’s tourism industry, the cabinet spokesman said.

The move was also made in efforts to encourage cooperation in the fields of cultural exchange, arts and sports through improved connections between India and Sri Lanka.