Govt. unable to bear total cost of ‘Sisu Seriya’ school bus service

It has been proposed to make parents pay 30% of the bus fees for the monthly season tickets issued to students.

The Minister of Transport and Highways and Media and the Cabinet Spokesman, Bandula Gunawardena, announced this at the weekly Cabinet briefing today (May 30).
He explained the economic situation and stated that if the government cannot recover at least 30% of the cost from parents, the Sisu Seriya” school bus service will have to be terminated.

“However, we have considered the education of school children, the country’s future and decided to pay 70%”, the Minister stated.

Meanwhile, it has also been decided to provide the service free of charge for the children of low-income families receiving subsidies, with parents who are unable to pay event the 30% of the fare, according to the minister.