Asia Rugby President Discusses Stabilization Committee for Sri Lanka Rugby

In a recent meeting with the Asia Rugby President, it was announced that a stabilization committee has been appointed for rugby football in Sri Lanka due to the catastrophic situation of Sri Lanka Rugby and the fundamental breaches of homeland laws. The government had no choice but to intervene in order to improve the state of rugby football in the country.
The Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs has pledged to ensure that the Stabilization Committee achieves the desired results by conducting a fair and fresh election during the first week of August this year, in an environment of sound governance. This move is expected to bring stability to the sport and improve its reputation in Sri Lanka.

Following this announcement, many individuals and organizations have expressed their support for the stabilization committee and their eagerness to work closely with the Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union (SLRFU) to develop and improve the sport. This is a positive step towards the growth of rugby football in Sri Lanka, and it is hoped that this initiative will lead to a brighter future for the sport in the country.

It remains to be seen how the stabilization committee will impact the sport in Sri Lanka, but with the support of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs and other stakeholders, there is optimism for a positive outcome.