Another stock of 1mn eggs imported; total bill exceeds USD 300,000

Another ship carrying one million eggs imported from India reached the Colombo Port last night (20).

Its samples will be obtained today (21) by the Department of Animal Production and Health, Sri Lanka State Trading Chairman Asiri Walisundara said.

Meanwhile, the samples of the egg stock that reached the country on April 15 were obtained yesterday.
Mr. Walisundara said that the reports are to be received in another four days.

Currently, the amount of eggs imported from India to Sri Lanka is five million at a cost of USD 388,189.

He said that the eggs will be continuously issued to large-scale bakery owners and hotel owners at a price of 35 rupees.

Meanwhile, a gazette was issued yesterday (20) fixing the maximum retail price of eggs.

A maximum retail price at which eggs should be sold according to weight was also issued.