Imported eggs not for general consumption - Agri. Minister

Permission has been given to import eggs to Sri Lanka, however, these stocks will only be available for the bakery industry, Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera says.

His remarks came during a discussion held at the Agriculture Ministry on Thursday (Feb 16) during which the focus fell on importing eggs and the measures that need to be taken for livestock development.
Amaraweera stresses that imported eggs will not be sold at stores for general consumption.

According to him, the decision was taken as a preventive measure in a bid to avert bird flu from entering the country.

Further, Amaraweera has given directives to the ministerial officials to expeditiously prepare a series of guidelines on how imported eggs should be used in the bakery industry.

He has put emphasis on using gloves when handling imported eggs in the bakery industry and safely discarding eggshells and ensuring that the remaining eggshells are not released to the environment under any circumstances.

The government decided to import eggs in a bid to address the recent shortage of eggs in the market and to bring down the soaring prices.

However, the Department of Animal Production & Health initially refused to allow egg imports from certain countries including India, citing the risks of the spread of bird flu.

Taking into account the shortage and need of eggs in the country, the Animal Production and Health Department has given permission to temporarily import eggs.