Deep Jungle Music Fest : Court orders no music after 10 pm

The Hingurakgoda Magistrate’s Court has today (17) issued an order, forbading organizers of the controversial Deep Jungle Music Festival from playing loud music after 10 pm.

The order was issued following a petition filed by environmentalists to prevent the festival, scheduled to begin on February 17 until 20, from taking place in the vicinity Habarana Elephant Corridor.
Furthermore the Magistrate ordered that a team of 20 Police officers and 10 Wildlife Department officers be assigned to monitor that the festival takes place according to the conditions stipulated under Circular no. 2031/2007 issued by the Inspector General of Police.

According to this circular loudspeakers or other such devices shall not be used from 10 pm to 6 am the following day.

Also, the organizers were also ordered to hold the festival in a manner that the sound does not spread beyond the borders of the festival space.