PHIs condemn attempt to influence Dr. Jasinghe ; warns to sue

A collective of Public Health Inspectors (PHIs) have warned to seek legal redress locally and internationally if at least one Covid-19 case is reported following the funeral of late minister Arumugam Thondaman.
In a media release, 'The Public Health Inspectors Union of Sri Lanka' also note that a person from the Thondaman camp has phoned and tried to pressurize Director General of Health Services, Dr. Anil Jasinghe, who is the competent authority enforcing quarantine laws in the country.

The media release signed by the union's president - M.G.Upul  Rohana says that it is absolutely necessary to find out who has given this individual such powers to obstruct duties of law-abiding state officials and to take action accordingly.

Condemning the conduct of this group, the union says that they will seek legal redress in the aforementioned manner against every individual involved in this 'short sighted, nonsensical drama'.

'The entire country is aware of this group's irresponsible conduct, ignoring all quarantine regulations, since the day of the death. All masses as well as all political parties, professionals and other groups should rise against such misdeeds taking place at a time when the country is facing a threat.'

The media release further said : Such unnecessary actions have also set a bad precedent while draining the entire health sector who have been working tirelessly against the spread of Covid-19 since the very beginning. This disgusting political movement which has completely disregarded the sacrifices made by the health sector, other state units, Tri forces, police and the public, and is also the biggest disrespect done to the late Mr. Thondaman. It is also seen that the dedication of the public who had upheld anti-Covid19 measures too, had reduced due to such wrong examples.

Mr. Upul Rohana sternly warns that as a dutiful collective that is  also studying epidemics, all these factors could contribute towards another wave of Covid-19.