Sajith’s heart silenced before Election Com.

Sajith Premadasa had requested the Election Commissioner for the heart symbol for their new coalition, but the Election Commissioner had notified them that the heart symbol would not be given to any political party, it is reported.

The attempt of the new coalition to be formed under the leadership of the UNP to obtain the heart as their symbol had been foiled.

One of the reasons is that the UNP working committee deciding to submit nominations for the upcoming general election under the UNP.

The majority of the working committee members had decided that the elephant symbol should be used as the coalition symbol, but the Sajith Premadasa faction have suggested that a common symbol should be used. However, the working committee meeting had ended without a final decision.

Throughout history the UNP had used the elephant symbol at all elections.

Even during coalitions with other parties as the United National Front, despite contesting under the UNF, they contested under the elephant symbol and the signature of the UNP General Secretary.

This situation changed only during the election where the coalition contested under the Swan symbol.

The President has the power to dissolve parliament any time after March 01st.

Accordingly, in the event parliament is dissolved, nominations would be called within two weeks. There is only a very short period for the election and if the coalition cannot contest under the heart symbol they would have to choose the Swan or Elephant symbol.

These days the discussion is on this matter. However, in the event the Swan symbol is to be used, the New Democratic Front Secretary Shamila Perera should notify the Election Commission that they would let go of the Swan symbol.

Meanwhile, recently the General Secretary of the UNP Akila Viraj Kariyawasam had written to the Election Commission that his party would let go the elephant symbol and instead had requested for the Swan symbol which is in the Election Commission pool.

This is because the working committee had decided that despite the symbol, the MPs should be appointed representing the UNP.
However, it is said that in the event the UNP adopts the Swan symbol, they could face the risk of losing the age old Elephant symbol forever.

It is also reported that in the event the UNP lets off the Elephant and adopts the Swan, the Elephant symbol would go into the Election Commission pool and someone else could request for it.