Extraordinary gazette issued to establish Sainthamaruthu Urban Council

An Extraordinary Gazette notification has been issued for the establishment of a new separate urban council for Sainthamaruthu.

Minister of Public Administration, Home Affairs, Provincial Councils & Local Government Janaka Bandara Tennakoon issued the relevant gazette notification yesterday (14).

The term of office of the Sainthamaruthu Urban Council will accordingly commence on the 20th March 2022, the gazette notification noted.

Administrative boundaries of the Sainthamaruthu Urban Council as specified in the gazette notification are as follows:

North: Centre line of the Zahira National School boundary road, starting from East Sea to straightly west wards through the Kalmunai - Akkaraipattu Road, Kalmunai - Akkaraipattu Road starting from North Zahira National School Road South wards through the (Kanadi) Road, Bokkadi Road starting from East Kalmunai - Akkaraipattu Road to straightly Bokkadi Road west wards through the Paddy field up to Wettai Aru.

East: Sea

South: Center line of the Sainthamaruthu - Malikaikadu boundary road starting from East Sea to straightly westwards through the Kalmunai - Akkaraipattu Highways up to the Wettai Aru.

West: Wettai Aru

It further read that the Kalmunai Municipal Council, constituted by the order published in the Gazette Extraordinary No. 1188/1 of 11.06.2001, is dissolved in order to vary the limits of Kalmunai Municipal Council and for the purpose of constituting new Local Authorities with effect from 19th March, 2022.