Ranil, Elec. Com. refuses Sajith the heart

The new coalition under the leadership of Sajith Premadasa has sought the approval of the Election Commission to make several changes with regard to its name and logo, it is reported.

However, the Election Commission is said to have rejected this request.

Sajith Premadasa had made the request stating it was for their party registered under the telephone symbol.

As they had failed to make the request in a proper manner, the Election Commission had rejected it.

The Election Commission had notified the Sajith faction to produce documents in a streamlined manner and then make the relevant request.

The Election Commission had also notified them that in the event the request is made in a proper manner, their request would be considered.

It is speculated that the new coalition has been named as the ‘Samagi Balawegaya’ and they had chosen the heart as their symbol.

UNP logo is the elephant

Meanwhile, 2/3rd of the UNP Working Committee had agreed that the United National Front (UNF) should contest the upcoming general election under the elephant symbol.

The UNP Working Committee met at their Headquarters Sirikotha yesterday (10) and the Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa’s faction too participated.

Although they had received a 2/3rd majority vote to contest under the elephant symbol at yesterday’s Working Committee meeting, Sajith Premadasa and his group comprising Thalatha Athukorale, Chandrani Bandara, Ranjith Maddumabandara, Kabeer Hashim, Sujeewa Senasinghe and Dr. Harsha de Silva had left the meeting in protest.

This group is of the view that the new coalition should contest under the heart symbol.

This symbol and the manner in which to contest has been forwarded to an advisory committee and their recommendations would be presented to the working committee when they meet again on the 14th.

If the UNP would join the coalition, the Working Committee had decided to notify the Opposition Leader to present the constitution to the Working Committee prior to this Friday.

The Working Committee also approved the nomination of Ranjith Maddumabandara as the General Secretary of the new coalition.