Progressive Party also fields presidential candidate!

The need has arisen for a true leader to resolve the issues faced by the people and therefore the Progressive Socialist Party will contest the next presidential election, said its Education Secretary Pubudu Jagoda.

He made this statement to the media subsequent to meetings being held in Baddegama and Horagampitiya.

He further said, “Today most parties are fighting within themselves for presidential candidacy. However, they are not in the least concerned about the economic, political and cultural problems that the people are facing. Gota, Sajith, Anura and Ranil are all saying the same thing. Therefore, instead of party power clashes and clashes with other parties, we intend to field a candidate who could truly address the issues faced by the people. Out theme would be to field a candidate with proper policies rather than image. We will be revealing the candidate during the first or second week of September.”