Chandika’s compensation 60 million: won’t move if not paid

Although a decision had been taken to remove the Sri Lankan team Coach Chandika Hathurusinghe based on an order by the Sports Minister, the Cricket authorities have decided to retain him until his contract ends, it is reported.

He still has over a year left in his contract.

This is perhaps the most problematic contract signed by SLC and in the event the contract with Hathurusinghe is terminated prematurely, he should be paid over Rs. 60 million, according to the terms of the contract.

It is also reported that Hathurusinghe had rejected leaving without being compensated. It is also reported that if the Sri Lankan authorities do not pay Hathurusinghe his compensation he has the ability to file a case at a Swiss Court demanding for the compensation.

Currently, Hathurusignhe earns around Rs. 7.5 million per months as allowance.

In addition, he is said to charge $ 60,000 per report and his contract includes six such reports during his tenure.

This is the highest sum paid to a coach in Sri Lanka’s history.

It is also reported that this spectacular agreement would be taken up for inquiry by the CoPE Committee.