Good news from Maldives, UNP presidential candidate ‘Karu’

“We congratulate you on being the presidential candidate. We received this news from the Maldives,” UPFA Genberal Secretary Mahinda Amaraweera had congratulated Speaker Karu Jayasuriya prior to the commencement of the
party leaders meeting yesterday (03).

In response Karu Jayasuriya had not said anything but smiled.

Thereafter the main topic of the discussion had been the People’s Bank Amendment Bill.

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa had also sent a letter to Speaker Karu Jayasuriya in this regard yesterday.

The Finance Ministry had also responded yesterday refuting all allegations that the People’s Bank is to be privatised.

The statement clarifies that as the 13th paragraph of the People’s Bank Bill will not be revised, claims of privatisation is a complete lie.

The government reiterates that after the People’s Bank Act has been amended, there is no opportunity whatsoever to convert issued debentures to share capital, the release read.

The People’s Bank Amendment process commenced in 2013, adding that some are spreading false rumours that the bank is to be privatised to gain petty political gain and nothing more.

Sajith in talks with JO - MPs

Meanwhile, Deputy UNP Leader Sajith Premadasa had held a discussion with two Joint Opposition MPs at the second floor of parliament yesterday.

The discussion had been held between Gampaha district MP Nimal Lansa and Kalutara district MP Piyal Nishantha.

No desire to appoint SLFP* *President - President

Meanwhile, President Maitripala Sirisena said yesterday that the SLFP is more focussed on the appointment of a Prime Minister and not a president.

The SLFP 68th Anniversary was held yesterday under the theme decision in the right direction.

The President said that as per the constitution, after 2020 the Prime Minister has more power than the President.

"Over Rs. 4500 million is spent. But, as per the 19th amendment the president is powerless and does not even hold the Defence Ministry portfolio.”

“In 2020 it is not the President, but the Prime Minister who holds power. Therefore, we are not interested in appointing a President but we will focus on the Prime Minister,” the President said addressing the gathering.

The president also noted that it is the SLFP that would establish a government in 2020.