Mahinda says Shiranthi not among presidential candidates

Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa states that there are five names proposed for the Presidential candidacy and that there is a female among them.

However, he said that the name of the candidate would not be revealed before August 11th.

In an interview with the Sunday Lankadeepa newspaper, Rajapaksa had said that international forces were behind their defeat in 2015, adding that India and the US were involved.

However, he said the past should be forgotten and they would work cordially with all countries.

I did not call judges over judgements – I called them for their birthdays

Refuting all allegations that Rajapaksa had called judges from Temple Trees to influence their judgements, he said if he had called them it was to wish them for their birthdays.

Rajapaksa also said that he is waiting for the President to get some free time in order to discuss matters with him regarding the formation of an coalition.

The Opposition Leader also noted that President Sirisena had stated he would not contest a second term and he believes that the president still maintains his stand.