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Luxury car kept violating customs laws found in Salley’s garage

A super luxury motorcar kept in violation of Customs laws has been found in the garage of former Western Province Governor Azath Salley.

Police stated that the documents belonging to the former governor were also found inside the vehicle.

Reportedly, the relevant Benz car has been imported through a Net permit. According to the conditions of the permit, the vehicle should be re-exported to the relevant country within two years. If not, the vehicle can be retained by paying a tax to the government.

However, the car found in Salley’s garage had been kept in violation of these conditions.

The owner of the vehicle was found by the Police in Kandy and it was confirmed that he had brought down the vehicle under a net permit when he returned from living in England.

When the Police went to seize the car at a luxury apartment building on Flower Road, Colombo 07 where the then-governor was residing in, the owner of the vehicle received a call from Salley.

Reportedly, the owner had handed over the phone call to the police officer on request of the former governor.

The former governor had claimed that he had not used the relevant vehicle; however, many documents belonging to him were discovered inside the vehicle after it was taken under police custody.