Gnanasara Thera to Japan until 2020!

Ven. Galagodaththe Gnanasara Thera has received a three year resident visa to travel to Japan to pursue his higher studies and engage in religious activities. Accordingly, the Thera will engage in religious activities and remain in Japan for the duration of his course.
He had received his Japanese resident visa in 2018 prior to him being sentenced on charges of contempt of court. Accordingly, Gnanasara Thera sought court permission yesterday (07) to travel to Japan. Having considered his appeal, the Colombo Additional Magistrate Kanchana de Silva ordered Gnanasara Thera’s travel ban be suspended until August 23. Accordingly, the travel ban has been relaxed until the next hearing date only. The travel ban was imposed on Gnanasara Thera on charges of obstructing the duties of the Police officers in 2017 in the Welikada area. On the day Gnanasara Thera was released, he said that his intention was to refrain from political activities and engage in spiritual activities and meditation. However, later on he said he would get involved in political activities.