The Sunday Easter day attack was planned in 2017!

A group of terrorists who had gone to Syria to be trained from IS, had come to an agreement in the year 2017 with the National Tauhid Jamaat Organization to launch a fierce attack on Sri Lanka.

This consensus has been reached between the National Tauhid Jamath terrorist group led by Mohomad Saharan Hashim and the IS group at a location in Malwana, Biyagama.

Following this agreement, Saharan Hashim was secretly hiding, using the internationally accepted defense strategies to escape the security forces, and during his secret life the attack had been planned.

Saharan Hashim had not used his mobile phone at any circumstances during this period, said intelligence sources.

Meanwhile, wife of Mohamed Muhusin Sarfas Nilam alias Abu Silani, who died in a US air strike when he was aligned with IS in Syria had also been killed in Syria.

After her death, her children have been sent to a Syrian refugee camp.