Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith appeals to public to retain peace

His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith has issued a special statement concerning the current situation of the country and the tense situation that emerged between two groups in Porutota-Kochchikade, Negombo last evening (05).

Cardinal Ranjith urged the authorities not to allow the prevailing situation to worsen and to take necessary measures to curtail it.

He also appealed to all religious communities to maintain the peace further just as they did in the aftermath of the terror attacks. He also commended them for confronting the situation head-on and wisely.

The Cardinal specifically requested the public to be cordial towards the Muslim community.

Speaking further, Cardinal Ranjith urged the authorities to minimize the operation of certain social media platforms to spread provocative ideas and false propaganda.

Stating that the entire Catholic community in the country, not only on Negombo, should retain patience further, Cardinal Ranjith cautioned the public of those who incite hatred to deliberately cause tension among communities.