SLFP to support no-confidence motion against Azath Salley

A no-confidence motion against western province governor Azath Salley will be tabled at the PC’s meeting today (22), said its opposition leader Manju Sri Arangala.

There are seven counts of accusations against Salley, including financial misappropriation, Arangala said, adding that appointing such a person as the governor was an insult to the WPC.
According to him, moving a no-confidence motion against Salley was proposed by SLFP and SLPP councilors.

He said it would have the backing of some SLFP members too.

Earlier, chief minister Isura Devapriya said the SLFP would not be unwise to support it.

He noted that Salley was appointed to the position by the SLFP’s leader, president Maithripala Sirisena.

The JVP said it would take a decision after studying the no-confidence motion.