Those affected by the President’s gazette!

The November salaries for the staff of ministers, has still not been paid, it is reported.

According to parliamentary sources, this is due to the gazette issued by the President dissolving parliament.

Although the ministerial staff salaries have been prepared and sent
to the ministry secretary but he has still not approved it.

Each MP has six staff members assigned to them.

Accordingly, it amounts to 1,350 staff members for the 225 MPs.

Generally, the staff salaries are paid on the last day of each month.

MPs always benefit

However, despite their staff not being paid, the MPs had received their salaries on November 25th it is reported.

Meanwhile, the contractors too are in trouble.

While contractors who had provided various services during the previous government have so far not been paid, while they in turn have not been able to pay their staff as a result, it is stated.