New mechanism for UNF-SLFP government!

A group of UNF and SLFP seniors are said to be devising a united political mechanism for the reestablishment of a unity government between the two parties and they are scheduled to present it to the President prior to December 5th, according to political sources.

This was decided at the meeting held between the President and
UNF representatives yesterday (30).

According to BBC Sinhala Service, President Maithripala Sirisena had told the TNA members that the proposal that would be taken up in parliament on December 05th and a vote is taken electronically, a final decision would be taken with regard to the appointing of a Prime Minister.

Expressing his views to the BBC Sinhala Service, TNA-MP M. Sumanthiran said that this was not a new No Confidence motion.

“Previously we have requested the President to take action with regard to the no confidence motion passed earlier. This will be taken up for debate on the 5th,” he said.

Talks with President fruitful!

Meanwhile, although so far no details regarding the UNF meeting with the President yesterday (30) has been revealed, a UNP member who participated in this meeting told Sri Lanka Mirror that the talks were successful.

However, he refused to divulge the agreements reached at this meeting, adding that positive changes could be expected within the next few days. He said that the UNF was agreeable to reinstate the government that existed prior to October 26.