Fmr. President and fmr. Defense Secretary didn’t hide in fear of war – Fonseka

Former Army Commander Field marshal Sarath Fonseka stated that neither he nor the former President nor the former Defense Minister hid away in fear of the war.

He mentioned this to the media following an annual literary festival held at the Kelaniya Divisional Secretariat last morning (28).

Responding to a journalist’s question on a statement made by
President Maithripala Sirisena in New York, he said that there are many other aspects such as administration to pay attention to while a war is ongoing. It is not merely waiting to pull the trigger from the moment war starts, he added.

He further said that those responsibilities fall on to senior officials and during the final weeks of the war, former President had to leave the country, while he, too, had to visit China for an official purpose.

A war can never be decided in 2 weeks and what was left to do during the last 2 weeks was something even a corporal could have done, says Fonseka.

He further says that he wonders how people think that it is possible to finish a war in 2 weeks.