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Tug-O-War between two govt. entities threatens supply of power in South

As a result of a Tug-O-War taking place between the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) and the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) over the purchase of power from a private power supplier, Ace Power that is based in Embilipitiya, a crisis situation
has arisen with regard to the supply of power to the Southern Province.

The CEB had entered into an agreement with Ace Power on April 5 to obtain power for the next three years. However, the PUCSL had called the award of the tender illegal and had refused to give its approval for the CEB to purchase power from this supplier. Accordingly obtaining power from this station had been stopped effective from July 16.

The Chairman of CEB W. B. Ganegala said that Cabinet approval had already been obtained to purchase power from the Ace Power and that with the signing of this agreement the Board has been able to ensure an uninterrupted supply of power for the next three years. (Ranjan Kasthuri)