Serious Discrepancy In Kirinda-Puhulwella Result: Over 10,000 Votes Have Gone Missing According To Official Results

A serious doubt has arisen over the result of the Kirinda-Puhulwella Pradeshiya Sabha won by the Sri Lanka Podijana Peramuna.

The SLPP, which won the seat, obtained 8621 votes, which the
UNP, which came second, recorded 3417 votes.

The UPFA received 928 votes and the JVP secured 818 votes.

Interestingly, according to the statistics of the Elections Department, there are 24048 votes in the area.The total votes recorded by the main three parties does not exceed 14,000.

Therefore, there is no record on what happened to nearly 10,000 votes. It is hard to assume that the minor political parties and other independent groups recorded 10,000 votes.

The number of missing votes amount to nearly 43 percent of the total valid votes in the Kirinda-Puhulwella Pradesiya Sabha area.

According to official results, a serious doubt has arisen whether the Elections Department has made a serious blunder with regard to the result of the Kirinda-Puhulwella Pradeshiya Sabha.