Government Explains Reasons For Setback: "We Suffered Because We Were Divided: This Is Mainly A Protest Vote"

The unity government paid the price for contesting the election as divided groups, a senior Cabinet minister told Asian Mirror a short while ago, commenting on the results of the Local Government polls 2018.

"It is true that the Sri Lanka Podujana Party is heading towards a
resounding victory," he admitted.

"However," the Minister said, "in many Local Government bodies, the total votes received by the UNP. the SLFP and the JVP are higher than the votes received by the SLPP."

"At the Presidential election in January, 2015, all these groups represented the good governance front. It means the mandate for good governance is still valid," he added.

However, the Minister said the good governance front had to suffer a setback as it contested as divided groups. "We were fighting among ourselves. That's the main reason for the defeat."

"Because we were divided, a section of our voters had opted to remain neutral. Some have voted for the SLPJ. That is mainly a protest vote."

He dubbed this defeat as an opportunity to regroup and re-strategise.

"There has to be self-criticism and the main coalition partners must stop fighting within the government. The President must shed those who trying to create disharmony within the ruling alliance," he explained.