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Kabeer, Yapa pressurising Lanka Puthra Bank

State Enterprise Development Minister Kabir Hashim and State Minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena have ordered Lanka Puthra Bank to reinstate the bank’s General Manager who was removed after having been found guilty of financial irregularities.

The letter sent by the Ministers to the Chairman of Lanka Puthra
Bank dated October 12, 2017, was taken up for discussion by the bank’s Board of Directors at their meeting, while three of the directors had objected to the ministers’ orders being implemented.

Ravi puts pressure too!

The said officer was removed from her post subsequent to being found guilty of the charges against her in a disciplinary inquiry held. However after the good governance regime had come into power, the former Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake had placed great pressure on the bank demanding the said officer’s reinstatement.

Meanwhile the same demands made by the former Finance Minister had been made by the two current ministers, who have also demanded to know why the bank had not implemented the orders issued by them.

Weliamuna’s report:

Meanwhile, the bank had requested a report from Attorney J.C. Weliamuna regarding the conduct of the said manager, who had also determined that she was unsuitable for service.

It is also reported that a case filed against her by the police on charges of financial misappropriation is currently before Courts, while a complaint filed by her to the Labour Department is also currently being heard.

However, when we contacted the Chairman of Lanka Puthra Bank for a comment regarding this matter, he declined.

Upon inquiring from the State Enterprise Development Minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena he said the Ministry’s Additional Secretary had conducted an inquiry and had recommended that she be reinstated on the speculation that if she resorts to legal measures the bank may have to pay her a large sum as compensation and therefore recommended that she be reinstated and the relevant investigations be carried out.