Rosy Denies Complicity With Perpetual Treasuries: “I Have Never Given Out Any Information Or Documents While I Served At COPE’

Former MP Rosy Senanayake whose name came up when call recordings were played back at the Bond Commission on Wednesday (6) denied any complicity in the Perpetual Treasuries bond scam saying media reports were a ‘total misrepresentation.’

‘I have never given out information or documents to any party
during the time I have served in the COPE. It is a total misrepresentation by the media of a recorded conversation by two parties that had no substance,’ the former Minister said.

She said she would take ‘all necessary steps against such media organizations’ who have used the factual misrepresentation to ‘cast aspersions on my character and integrity.’

‘The recorded conversation that took place in August 2016 by at which time I was not a member of COPE nor was I a member of parliament. Therefore my son has no access whatsoever to such information and he has not been requested to provide any such information nor would he have accepted such a request by any party,’ the former MP further said.

She said that it was clear that the media was using ‘this third party conversation as a headline grabber’ when there is ‘zero substance in the details.’

‘I am deeply saddened by this undeserved attack and will do all that is necessary to keep the public informed of the reality of the situation,’ she further said.