Media groups agree with Ravi!

Media professionals too, should declare their assets and liabilities, the Free Media Movement and the Sri Lanka Working Journalists Association agree.

They are responding to a call by ex-minister Ravi Karunanayake.

The truth does not reach the public if the media is not clean,
SLWJA president Lasantha Ruhunage was quoted as saying by BBC Sinhala Service.

He said every sphere in Sri Lanka is corrupt more or less and that the media is no exception.

We hear some media professionals earn through means other than their salary, according to him.

Therefore, it cannot be said as wrong if media professionals are examined, he said, adding that if they question others, there should be the ability to question them too.

Black money invested in media

FMM convener Chandrasiri Dodawatte said they accepted the need for media professionals to declare their assets as a policy, as there are some within who abuse their profession.

But, politicians are mainly responsible for this situation in the media, he charged.

Certain politicians under accusation manipulate from behind the scene after investing their black money in media institutions, he said.

But, some transparency is needed with regard to media professionals, he admitted.

Asked if declaration of assets by them will answer allegations that certain media owners use them for their own agendas, Ruhunage said that would not be possible if they organized themselves.

One right of the journalists is editorial freedom, he said, noting that Sri Lankan journalists enjoy considerable civil power and some of them engage in different projects in order to gain privileges from politicians or businessmen.