Arjun Aloysius arrives at Bond Commission

Owner of Perpetual Treasuries Ltd. Arjun Aloysius arrived at the Presidential Commission of Inquiry a short while ago.

Arjun Aloysius who was summoned to the Bond Commission earlier this week, was not at his residence when CID officials arrived. The Commission informed the attorney representing Mr.Aloysius to inform his client to present himself before the Commission.

Investigations conducted by the AG’s department on several deleted telephone conversations revealed Aloysius had received confidential insider information which he in turn passed on to Palisena with instructions on how to bid based on this information from a certain “powerful friend.”

Meanwhile PTL Chief Dealer Nuwan Salgoda, a witness in the case, informed the commission that he fears for the security of his family and himself.
Based on a request made by the AG’s Department, the commission instructed that he be given extra security.