Third match lost over Kapuge’s mistake!

In the third ODI played against India at the Pallekale grounds, although it was planned to put India to bat first in the event Sri Lanka wins the toss, but Captain Chamara Kapugedara had changed the decision, according to internal sources.

Having inspected the pitch the trainers and Sri Lanka Cricket
Selection Committee members had determined that it would be advantageous to put India to bat if Sri Lanka wins the toss.

Three fast bowlers were also included in the team based on this decision.

However, Kapugedara had contradicted the decision taken and instead, decided to bat first. Although an inquiry was suggested by the Cricket Board, it was later decided to let the matter go as it would only further demoralize the team.

In his defense, Chamara had told the officials that having won the toss, he had got confused and had made the wrong decision.

However, according to internal sources, head of the Selection Committee Sanath Jayasuriya had severely reprimanded Kapugedara over this incident.