President to take over AG’s Dept.!

A gazette is to be issued to bring the Attorney General’s Department under the purview of the president, government sources say.

During the previous regime, Mahinda Rajapaksa had the Dept. under him, but after the present government took office, it was
handed over to the justice minister.

That was due to accusations by civil society organizations that the institution had been made completely politicized through the presidential secretariat.

However, the UNP leadership has strongly criticized the Dept’s officials over their conduct at the presidential commission that inquires into the Central Bank bond issue.

Wijedasa Rajapakshe has said that he had been removed from his portfolio in order to save certain UNP leaders from corruption accusations relating to the matter.

Meanwhile, an organization called ‘Heta Delakshaye Kotaskaruwo’ says in a statement the president should have the justice ministry under him until the bond commission completes its deliberations.

‘I don’t like criticism against AG’s Dept.’

Meanwhile, president Maithripala Sirisena told journalists at President’s House yesterday that he did not see anything wrong in the functions of the AG’s Dept.

The Dept. should be allowed to carry out its duties in freedom, he said, adding that he would not like it if anyone criticized the Dept.

Will be fully independent in the future too

The bond commission and the AG’s Dept. will continue their duties independently and freely in the future too, he said, without allowing the public faith in them to suffer.

The opposition has charged that with the removal of Rajapakshe as the justice minister, the independence of the Dept. and independent commission would be harmed.

The president said the next course of action with regard to the bond commission would be taken through the AG once the commission submitted its recommendations.