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No LTTE connection to Northern incidents – Army Commander

There is no LTTE connection to the incidents that have taken place recently in the North and these incidents have no bearing on national security, said Army Commander Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake.

He made these comments addressing a media briefing in Colombo yesterday (15).

A journalist questioned the Army Commander if there was any involvement by the 200 LTTE cadres
in the North with these incidents and if these incidents could affect national security. In response Gen. Senanayake said there are around 1,963 rehabilitated LTTE cadres living in the North, while around 200 had not undergone rehabilitation for various reasons.
However, he said despite them not having undergone rehabilitation, so far there was no proof to indicate they had any involvement in these incidents.

He said although one of the oldest LTTE cadres had been involved in the shooting incident of the security personnel of a Judge in Jaffna, it was an unfortunate and unexpected incident.

Sinister intention behind false propaganda:

''None of the rehabilitated cadres have so far been involved in any illegal activity'' – Major General Janaka Ratnayake

Meanwhile, Commissioner General of Rehabilitation, Major General Janaka Perera said, he was confident that no rehabilitated cadre had been involved with any of the incidents that took place in Jaffna recently.

He said this during a ceremony organized at the Poonthottam rehabilitation camp, Vavuniya yesterday (15) to hand over chicklings to rehabilitated LTTE cadres in order to boost their incomes.

He further said, “So far of the 12,190 rehabilitated LTTE cadres, no one has been involved in any illegal activity either in the North of East. This can be proved through our reports. Only on one occasion, an LTTE cadre was involved in an incident in the South. That is all. Similarly, we cannot amend a person’s mind and that is something we must admit. However, I say with confidence that none of the LTTE cadres that have undergone rehabilitation have been found to be involved in any unlawful activity.

These sort of incidents takes place even in the South. Hence if anyone is trying to use these incidents and spread false rumors that the LTTE is raising its head again, then they surely must have a sinister motive.”

Making sure the country does not regress:

“We must ensure that we do not corrupt people’s minds and take the country backward. There must be others in our society who have not undergone rehabilitation. But, now it’s been eight years since the war ended. Now by living among our society they would have automatically been rehabilitated. I think by seeing the development and the changes in people, these people would automatically get out of that disruptive mindset and deter from engaging in any disruptive activities,” he said.

Director - Post Rehabilitation Assistant, Colonel Azad Izadeen, The Director General of the Vavuniya Rehabilitation Coordinating Office, Col. M.A.R. Hamidon and several others participated.