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Harin is ready to abandon his ministry for a new struggle

Minister Harin Fernando says he is willing to abandon his ministerial position and begin a new struggle against the real thieves.

Addressing the media after Ravi Karunanayake stepped down from
his foreign ministerial portfolio yesterday (10), Fernando said he would launch that struggle from that day itself.

He said he was having the support of many MPs, whose identities would be revealed soon.

Describing it as a conspiracy, Fernando said they came to power after exposing the thieves, but now they have now become the thieves, while the real thieves were running the country.

He asked for yet another ‘fast-forward’ step by appointing a presidential commission to catch those thieves as well.

Fernando alleged a conspiracy in the Attorney General’s Department’s delaying investigations, and said he thought it was better to teach a lesson to the thieves and go home.

It was him who fired the first salvo for the January 08 victory by stepping down from his MP position and successfully contesting the Uva provincial council polls.