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Greens solution to south’s garbage problem

Green Key, a US company, has come forward to resolve the garbage problem in the southern province through the greens concept.

Under a pilot project, 1,000 tons of solid waste a day will be bought by the company from the four urban councils and 47 Pradeshiya

The garbage will then be turned into compact wood, building raw material, artificial fuel etc.

The final products will last around 150 years without being harmed by insects.

Job opportunities

The project will generate 796 permanent and 500 indirect job opportunities as well.

In the first 12 to 18 months, more than 500 jobs relating to machinery and installation purposes will also be created.

Provincial chief minister Shan Wijelal de Silva is supporting the project which will be coordinated by the PC’s chief ruling organizer Ajith Rajapakse.

Officials of the US company recently met with provincial councils minister Faizer Mustafa to discuss the project.