Govt. to appoint over 2,000 Grama Niladhari officers before end of April

State Minister of Home Affairs, Ashoka Priyantha on Friday (March 15) said that interviews for the recruitment of Grama Niladhari officers for a total of 2,002 vacant Grama Niladhari Divisions are currently underway.

The selected candidates will be appointed before the end of April, he added.

During a press briefing at the Presidential Media Centre (PMC) on the theme ‘Collective Path to a Stable Country’, Priyantha emphasized the potential of President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s agenda, stating that continued progress along this path could lead to significant improvements in the country’s economy and overall well-being.
State Minister of Home Affairs, Ashoka Priyantha further commented:

We are actively fostering economic and social stability by resolving past crises. Our ministry has played a significant role in this endeavour. We have established food safety and nutrition committees at the district level and ensured that 02 million impoverished families receive spectacles. Furthermore, we are working on revitalizing rural development through decentralized budget initiatives.

Furthermore, interviews were conducted on the 13th and 14th to hire Grama Niladhari officers for 2002 vacant GN Divisions. Interviews for this will continue today (15). We aim to have the recruited Grama Niladhari officers in place before the end of April.

Additionally, Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena met with professional associations of Grama Niladhari officers on 14th March to address their current challenges. During the meeting, a proposal was presented concerning travel expenses and office allowances, for which a cabinet paper has already been submitted.

Additionally, the Grama Niladhari Constitution, a primary concern for Grama Niladhari officers, has been drafted and presented through a cabinet paper. Once approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, it will proceed for further action. We anticipate a positive outcome regarding this matter soon.

Moreover, amidst economic and other challenges, it has been our duty and responsibility to restore livelihoods and foster unity in society. President Ranil Wickremesinghe has been instrumental in building this trust. Therefore, if we can sustain this trajectory for another two years, we have the potential to transform our country positively by rejuvenating the economy and halting detrimental projects.