TRCSL raises security concerns, urges users to ensure proper registration of SIMs

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) has urged that the proper registration of SIM cards is employed by all mobile phone users.

According to the Director (Compliance) of the Commission Menaka Pathirana, every customer must ensure that their SIM card is registered correctly.
Speaking to the media today (12 Feb.), Pathirana emphasized the importance of verifying SIM card registration status with the respective phone companies, and thereby advised customers to contact their service providers to confirm the SIM cards registered under their names, particularly with regards to SIMS provided by companies they are no longer employed at.

Furthermore, the Director highlighted the risks associated with unregistered or illegally obtained SIM cards, and urged individuals to promptly disconnect any SIM cards issued without their knowledge, as these could be exploited for illegal activities. 

The TRCSL Director underscored the necessity of disconnecting unauthorized SIM cards linked to individuals’ National Identity Card numbers, adding that this proactive measure aims to curb fraudulent activities and safeguard the integrity of the telecommunications network in Sri Lanka.