No postponing of decisions in Education system despite obstacles – Dr. Susil Premajayantha

Education Minister Dr. Susil Premajayantha said that there is no possibility of postponing decisions in the education system no matter whatever obstacles crop up.

“There is no possibility of postponing the work in the education system no matter what the obstacles may be, in order to implement the policy decisions taken and it is essential to maintain good coordination with all sectors of the education system,” the minister stressed.

He made these remarks at a special meeting held on Thursday (04) to discuss the matters related to the programmes proposed to be implemented by the Education Ministry in the year 2024. At the meeting future policy decisions, planning and development measures were discussed with the heads of all sectors of the education system.
He emphasized that decisions had to be made in the field of education while facing many challenges in the recent past. Pertaining to this situation, new circulars are going to be issued regarding conducting ‘School Circles’ with the active contribution of parents in every school during the period of two weeks from February 02, 2024 to February 16, 2024. In addition to teacher development programmes and other human resource development plans, it is proposed to train trainers on provincial, regional, and divisional basis for early childhood development programmes. It is also planned to start spoken English programmes for primary grades.

It is planned to implement educational development programmes for Advanced Level teachers in collaboration with the University Grants Commission. It is also planned to compile Advanced Level and Ordinary Level past carrier guidance programmes for school drop-outs.

It was also proposed to start 17 new Environmental Resource Centres (ERCs). Matters related to 26 main subject areas were discussed here. The current steps and progress related to these programmes and policy measures by the heads of respective departments were also presented here.

Education State Minister Arvind Kumar, Secretary of Education Ministry Wasantha Perera, Advisor to the Ministry Prof. Gunapala Nanayakkara and other officials of the Ministry as well as many officials who came representing other institutions belonging to the Education Ministry including the Education Publications Department, the State Printing Corporation, the National Library and Documentation Services Board, were present at the event.