Announcement on Airport Ground Handling Field Skills Test

The new skills test in the field of Airport Ground Handling will be newly implemented on 10th March 2024 at University of Colombo – Faculty of Graduate Studies for working in Japan as specified skilled workers, announces the Embassy of Japan in Colombo.

Noting Application period is from Feb. 09 – 23, the embassy informs that applications will be closed when the number of applications reaches the capacity.


For more details :

Please see the textbook and sample questions of Written and Practical test. :

The Embassy of Japan says that they sincerely hopes that many talented Sri Lankans will take advantage of this new opportunity to work in Japan and master skills that will contribute not only to Japan’s aviation sector but also to the future development of Sri Lanka and that the embassy will continue to provide the necessary support and cooperation for Sri Lanka’s development, further deepening our long-standing friendship with Sri Lanka.