Utility Disconnections Leave 700,000 Without Power and 95,000 Without Water as Unpaid Bills Pile Up

The National Water Supply Board has informed over 95,000 customers who have not paid their bills up to October that their water connections were disconnected. 

As a result, the total number of water supplies disconnected on October 31 was 95241. According to the board, no information about the number of restored water supplies that have been disconnected is stored in the board’s billing computer system.
The board also claims that there is no information in the board’s bill payment computer system about the fees charged during water supply restoration, the number of water supply disconnections in 2022, or the red notices issued to customers who defaulted on bill payments in 2023.

However, 12.97 billion rupees is still to be collected in arrears and the board supplies clean water to 3000240 water consumers across the country daily.