Two committees to probe December 9 power outage

Two committees have been appointed to investigate the nationwide power outage on December 9, and the decisions made at the end of the investigation will be informed to the public, Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) media spokesman Noel Priyantha said.

He stated that an internal investigation committee has been appointed chaired by an Additional General Manager and it will investigate the basic reasons that led to the power outage.
It will also focus on studying the procedures of the officers and employees and present necessary measures and recommendations to prevent such incidents from happening again.

And an external investigation committee appointed with the participation of lecturers and professors of the Universities of Sri Lanka will focus on three main reasons that led to the power outage including identifying the origin of the incident and carrying out technical investigations, reviewing the time taken to restore electricity, and presenting measures and recommendations to prevent or minimize such incidents in the future.

Priyantha further stated that before receiving the committee’s report, the statements made in the media regarding the power outage across the country were false and the CEB rejects those statements.