Electricity tariffs to be reduced in January - Minister

Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekera has emphasized that electricity tariffs will likely be reduced to earlier rates during the tariff revision scheduled for January 2024, as hydropower is currently being generated at maximum capacity.

Joining a media briefing taking place at the Presidential Media Centre (PMC) this afternoon (19), Wijesekera stated that the previous tariff hike in October was carried out in view of the higher cost of electricity generation due to usage of fossil fuel, prompted by the arid weather conditions.
“However, the weather conditions have now changed. As we received rainfall during the past two months and the rainfall is expected to continue for two more weeks, the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has informed us that the electricity tariff can be revised. During the tariff revision, the increased tariff can be reduced”, he said.

He mentioned that accordingly, the government will be able to provide some relief to the public during the next tariff revision in January, after taking into consideration the balance sheets of the CEB in December.