SLC to form independent committee to probe audit reports

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has decided establish an independent committee to inquire into audit reports, and make recommendations to ensure the prevention of corruption.

Issuing a statement on Wednesday (08 Nov.), SLC assured that it is “committed to upholding the principles of integrity, transparency, and accountability in the administration of cricket in Sri Lanka”.
Accordingly, SLC says that it has taken a proactive step to invite respected individuals appointed by the Minister of Sports through a recent gazette notification to form an independent committee.

The independent committee will comprise of S. I. Imam, Retired Supreme Court Judge, Rohini Marasinghe, Retired Supreme Court Judge and Irangani Perera, Retired High Court Judge.

The three-member committee will be tasked with inquiring into and recommending appropriate action in relation to the references contained in the Audit Report dated 11 September, issued by the Auditor, and subsequently make recommendations and formulate strategic actions to ensure the prevention of corruption, malpractices, irregularities, misconduct, and failures as referred to in the said Report.

The statement issued by the Cricket Board further read:

“SLC believes that this initiative reflects SLC’s determination to address any shortcomings or irregularities within its operations and to take necessary actions to improve transparency and integrity. As nominated by the Hon. Minister by his Gazette, the involvement of esteemed members who served in the judiciary further emphasizes the commitment to a fair and impartial process while safeguarding the autonomy of the institution.

SLC values the public’s trust and is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of governance within cricket administration. We are confident that the committee will play a crucial role in ensuring that the sport of cricket in Sri Lanka is conducted with integrity, fairness, and adherence to best practices and to clear in misconception among the general public.

The committee’s formation is a testament to SLC’s unwavering commitment to addressing any purported issues raised by the Auditor General’s report promptly and transparently. We look forward to the insights and recommendations that this committee will provide and are fully committed to taking appropriate actions based on their findings.”