Indian Airlines flight delayed by parcel of gold

An Indian Airlines flight from Colombo to Chennai was delayed after security personnel found a black parcel inside the toilet, which no one claimed.

Indian Airlines flight AI272 was ready to take off from the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) at 01.35 pm yesterday.

But a group of security personnel had discovered in their final investigation that there was a black parcel in the rear toilet of the aircraft, which had no owner.
Accordingly, the aircraft did not take off, but turned back from the runway at 01.40 pm yesterday and returned to the airport. All passengers were disembarked and the aircraft was taken to an isolated place and checked by the bomb disposal unit, who confirmed that it was not a bomb, but one containing two kilograms of gold.

The parcel was handed over to the BIA Customs officers for further investigations.

The Indian Airlines flight finally left BIA at 04.43 pm for Chennai, India.