Rs.3000 shoe voucher for over 800,000 students

Over 800,000 school students from families with economic difficulties will be issued vouchers to buy shoes by the Education Ministry.

Education Minister Dr. Susil Premajayantha said a Rs. 3000 voucher will be awarded to 800,000 school students within a three week period.

The minister also said that this allowance will be offered to children with economic difficulties. It has been planned to further increase the amount of the voucher in 2024.
The minister said that from 2024, several key transformational changes in the education sector will be implemented. Of these changes, the administrative changes will be firstly introduced and curriculum development will also be prioritised. In view of these new activities, it is mandatory for students to come to school daily and stay in the classroom to engage in modular activities. Under this move exams in primary classes should be reduced as much as possible. Pre-childhood teaching will be streamlined and graduate trained teachers will be recruited as primary teachers. He also said that he expects to improve the quality of primary education aiming to reduce the burden faced by primary students.